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Cat Maths


Introducing Cat Maths 

Playing cards with pictures of cats and other detailsThe Cat Maths cards are set to be an essential resource in any early Primary School classroom.

The Cat cards are: 

  • Unique – there is no other product like it!
  • Versatile – can be used for many different mathematical activities and games
  • Attractive – carefully designed with beautiful cats
  • Inexpensive – only about $28  for a family set and $54 for a class set.
  • Compact – they don’t need much storage space
  • Smart – based on sound maths and stats pedagogy
  • Fun! – for children and their adults

The Cat cards can be used in the classroom for learning activities including counting, adding, subtracting, ordering, sorting, statistical analysis, graph making and developing mathematical language.

Each class set contains a large number (75) of Cats, each with their own name and characteristics. As well there are Attribute and Value cards which are used for games and activities.

There will be a pool of lessons, games and activities based around the Cat cards. Some will be provided in the box so that teachers and families can use the materials straight away, while others will be on our website and added to by us and users.

Cat Maths cards will probably be available in late 2017.


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