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Free sampling lessons plans, Level 5

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Free sampling lessons plans, Level 5


Three lessons using Dragonistics data cards to introduce the big ideas of statistics which are introduced in the New Zealand curriculum level 5 (high school). This teaching resources is free to download.

Each lesson is designed to illustrate this one important statistical concept. The first sampling lesson introduces the idea of sampling. This is the idea that a sample can be used to estimate a population parameter when it is too difficult to measure the population parameter directly.

The second sampling lesson introduces the idea of sampling variation. Different samples from the same population will have different sample parameters that are each an estimate of the population parameter.

The third sampling lesson introduces the idea that sampling and inference can be used to see whether there is a difference between two populations.

An introductory data card lesson is also included. 

The PDF includes:

  • Lesson plans:
    • Introductory Lesson, level 2
    • 5A: Sample Estimates, level 5 including teaching notes
    • 5B: Sampling Variation, level 5 including teaching notes
    • 5C: Comparing Difference, level 5 including teaching notes
    These resources require two or three sets of the Dragon Cards 240 card deck.

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